Bespoke online tools

Using technology to solve business problems

When chatting to new clients we often talk about their pain points - the things within their business that take a disproportionate amount of time, effort or money to solve or perform.

From our own perspective, one of our biggest pain points is getting clients both existing and new to understand how we can help with those issues - by creating systems that perform the task automatically, or more quickly, or more efficiently, than it has been previously.

The range of problems that we've solved over the years is as broad as our client base.

  • Taking dozens of different parts catalogues from tens of different manufacturers and processing them so that the content required is exported in a standardised electronic format.
  • Automating the exam booking and proctoring process so that thousand of exams per week can be scheduled with just a few clients.
  • Getting diverse e-commerce and accounting systems to talk to each other seamlessly to synchronise stock, orders and customers.
  • Enhancing the preparation and delivery of reporting systems from multiple differen sources to compile into one easily digestible report automatically delivered weekly.
  • Building, from scratch, an online multi-vendor e-commerce system where off-the-shelf solutions simply wouldn't cut the mustard.
  • Creating a platform for online delivery of learning that allowed for hands-off administration of learning for over a quarter of a million learners in one year.

If you're experiencing technological pain points in your business, a coffee and a chat with us can often come up with an innovative solution.